How To Prevent Neck And Upper Back Pain When You’re On The Computer

How can I prevent neck pain when I use my computer? Neck and upper back pains are common complaints for many computer users regardless of age. If you sit in front of a computer screen that is improperly set up for the correct position of your head, neck and body, an overuse injury is inevitable. Laptops and tablets have a significant disadvantage for long-term use because the user commonly looks down at the screen. This increases the strain on the muscles of the back of the neck. This problem is obvious because the screen is attached to the keyboard and cannot be independently positioned. In addition, prolonged sitting is known to be unhealthy and contributes to the problem. 8 basic tips for

Prevent further Back Pain

Once you have managed the acute phase of back pain and have settled your pain levels, it is time to think about preventing another episode. Like any part of your body your back also needs training to improve its strength, stability and mobility. If you think of the back as lots of little joints each doing a percentage of the work, when one joint does not pull its weight, then the joints above and below pick up the slack. Maintaining good mobility throughout your spine can prevent lower back pain. Exercises like thread-throughs help maintain the mobility of your upper back and an exercise like a hip twist can maintain lumbar spine mobility. You should aim to strengthen your low threshold core

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