JUST BREATHE... Did you know the majority of people (9 out of 10) breathe incorrectly today with dysfunctional breathing habits? Resulting in a spiral-effect of underestimated health problems. And if we add the effects of the Covid-19 "respiratory" pandemic, more than ever we need to focus on our breath awareness and respiratory health.

Breathwork Training Hong Kong

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  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

  • Helps manage panic attacks

  • Increases energy levels and decreases sense of fatigue

  • Improves brain function, resulting in improved mental clarity, memory, focus and concentration

  • Reduces cortisol levels (stress hormones)

  • Relieves neck & shoulder stiffness and lower back pain

  • Improves sleep  

  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

  • Increases blood circulation and oxygenation in the body and brain

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Relieves digestive problems (constipation, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome)

  • Helps get the mind in a meditative state (for people wanting to practice meditation or mindfulness)

  • Fuels every cell in your body with oxygen

  • Improves core stability, and supports back and pelvic floor health

  • Balances pH and lessens inflammation

  • Enhances endurance, longevity and wellbeing!



The Breathing Class™ is a professional Breathwork training aimed at increasing your breath-awareness while providing you with the skills and exercises needed to break poor breathing habits and relearn to breathe optimally. For life-changing health benefits!


Combining breathing techniques used in martial arts, singing, free diving and yoga, this instructive & practical Breathwork training will enable you to:

  • Learn the HOW, WHY, WHAT of functional & dysfunctional breathing patterns;

  • Understand the biomechanics and psychology of breathing;

  • Master what a good healthy breath feels like, and how to address your stress & anxiety within minutes with the simple power of the breath;

  • Practice various breathing exercises and techniques aimed at fixing, stretching & strengthening your breathing muscles.




You start with the 80mins Introductory Breathwork Class, includes:

  • Breathing assessment - BIQ Grade™

  • Lecture component explaining the mechanics & psychology of various breathing patterns

  • Breathing Exercises aimed at fixing, stretching & strengthening your breathing muscles

  • Your 14-Day Breathwork Challenge homework

For optimal progress, we recommend complementing several 50mins Follow-up sessions, includes:

  • Measuring progress (we aim 'Grade A' of BIQ Grade™)

  • Teaching you to take your own Breathing Assessment

  • Practicing advanced breathing exercises specific to your condition.

Watch Liza Rosen share 3 effective healthy breathing tips and 1 breathing exercise


To practice as a daily breathing habit: anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Liza Rosén - Certified Breathwork BREATHE™ Trainer / Certified Executive & Life Coach

Liza Rosén is originally from Sweden and has also lived in Italy, Belgium and now Hong Kong. She is the first certified Breathwork BREATHE™ Coach in Hong Kong, having trained from renowned The Breathing Class™ methodology. Liza provides impactful Breathwork training to help people re-learn how to breathe optimally for life-changing health benefits. She has delivered breath workshops at PURE Yoga, is collaborating with various Health Clinics, and has published articles in SASSY HK and The Science of Coaching.


Building on her 15yr Multinational Corporate experience working in Finance and HR, Liza is also a qualified Certified Professional Coach (ICF & EMCC standards) providing Executive & Life Coaching to help people grow, gain clarity, get unstuck, find meaning and lead their best lives!


Liza is a passionate mum, powerwalker, yoga practitioner and speaks English, French, Swedish and Italian.