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Hanna Chan
TCM Practitioner / Acupuncturist  (MChinMed HKU, HK Reg 7216) 

Hanna is a TCM Practitioner with a Registered license in Hong Kong from HKU. She uses traditional methods such as Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Herbal Medicines to alleviate her patients' symptoms and to help restore their health.


Hanna is a graduate of HKU with a Bachelor Degree in Chinese Medicine and a Master of Chinese Medicine in Internal Medicine.

She worked previously in an international established Chinese Medicine Center before joining The Round Clinic.

Acupuncture treatment helps several health conditions, which include:

  • Neck, shoulder and back pain

  • Joint sprains and Injuries

  • Tendinitis eg. frozen shoulder and tennis elbow

  • Headaches, migraines, vertigo

  • Sciatica, Piriformis strain

  • stress release, sleeping disorders


Hanna also dispenses TCM herbal prescriptions for general family health conditions, which include:

  • pre-and postpartum care, breastfeeding and menstrual Cycle conditions

  • common colds, ear infections

  • nasal allergy and congestion, digestive ailments, constipation and IBS

  • eczema, acne

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