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Jennie Yiu Osteopath Hong Kong
Jennie Yiu
Osteopath, M.Ost., (UK), PGCert Paeds, GOSc (UK)


Jennie chose a career in osteopathy after having her own positive results from treatment. The philosophy of osteopathy appeals to her; being multifaceted and considerate of all aspects of life.

When physical problems arise, she addresses the immediate symptoms to alleviate discomfort and pain, as well as finding out the root cause to prevent future issues.

She graduated with a Master’s degree from the British School of Osteopathy in 2014 after completing a full time four year course.

Jennie is trained and experienced in treating children and babies. This ranges from addressing feeding issues and reflux to behavioural issues and posture. Trauma from labour can be stressful on tiny bodies and parents. Jennie will do a general assessment, check for imbalances, muscle tension and correct range of motion, as well as giving advice and suggestions as needed.

In adults, Jennie has a special interest in treating people with neck, shoulder and head pain, helping to alleviate tension, improve posture and enhance everyday life. Jennie likes to treat both structurally and using fine nerve and movements in the neck in order to suit individual patients’ needs.

  • Tension Headaches 

  • Neck & Shoulder Pain 

  • Ankle & Knee Instability 

  • Pre & Post-Natal 

  • Pediatric Osteopathy

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