Magali Salgado


Magali Salgado is a registered Physiotherapist in France in addition to being a Clinical Massage Therapist having graduated in 2012 from the French Physiotherapy Institute, IFPEK in France.  


She has worked in a variety of clinical environments, many of those being multi-disciplinary clinics and with a number of health professionals.  From these professional exchanges, she has furthered her knowledge and work experience.  

Using Evidence Based Medicine as a guideline, she credits IFPEK for helping her build a critical and open-minded way of practice.


Her primary aim is to restore and inspire motivation through sport activities, daily routine habits for patients with musculoskeletal, respiratory issues and sport injuries.

Her main focus lies on Sports Massage, Sports Rehabilitation, Lymphatic Drainage, Respiratory Kinesitherapy and Neuro-Dynamic functioning.


She is fully committed to provide her patients with autonomy and self-comprehension of their body mechanics to aid healing and avoid further chronic diseases.


She continues her studies through short and long term training courses as she believes Physiotherapy is ever evolving.

Magali treats babies with "Kiné Respiratoire", toddlers, teenagers and adults.

She is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.


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