Liza Rosén - Certified Breathwork BREATHE™ Trainer / Certified Executive & Life Coach

Liza Rosén is originally from Sweden and has also lived in Italy, Belgium and now Hong Kong. She is the first certified Breathwork BREATHE™ Coach in Hong Kong, having trained from renowned The Breathing Class™ methodology.


Liza provides impactful Breathwork training to help people re-learn how to breathe optimally for life-changing health benefits. She has delivered breath workshops at PURE Yoga, is collaborating with various Health Clinics, and has published articles in SASSY HK and The Science of Coaching.


Building on her 15 year Multinational Corporate experience working in Finance and HR, Liza is also a qualified Certified Professional Coach (ICF & EMCC standards) providing Executive & Life Coaching to help people grow, gain clarity, get unstuck, find meaning and lead their best lives!


Liza is a passionate mum, power walker, yoga practitioner and speaks English, French, Swedish and Italian.

"I really enjoyed Liza’s well taught session. It was very well paced and yet very in-depth. As I teach breath work already in Yoga, called Pranayama, I was interested to learn more about this new (to me) perspective. I feel this is such valuable information especially at this time of Covid-19, to get this information out. To teach people of the value of their own breath and how it can help so many of our own health issues. Liza is a skilled coach and I would definitely recommend her to anyone with an interest in becoming healthier and more connected to their breath."

- Wendy Wyvill, PURE Yoga teacher

"I thoroughly enjoyed the breathing class and recommend anyone to give it a try. It was a good mix between a lecture on anatomy, mechanics and psychology of breathing patterns, and a breath workout. It was also helpful to get your own breathing assessment. Liza was a great coach and adjusted the training well to our group. I felt both calm and energized afterwards, and realise that there is a lot of potential in breathwork training. I would love to learn more!"
- Eva Ladeborn, Editor of Bulletinen Hong Kong