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Midwife services

Midwives are recognized as responsible and specialist professionals who work in partnership with women and their partners to give the necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, labour and postnatally.

At The Round Clinic, our midwife guides you through your pregnancy, informs you about the practical things of giving birth in Hong Kong, helps prepare you for the arrival of new life into your family and supports you during the early days with your baby.

Prenatal midwife support


  • pregnancy orientation: to help you decide where to give birth

  • prenatal consultation: to get all pregnancy and birth related questions answered

  • labour and birth prep session: to help prepare you as much as possible for labour and birth

  • baby mapping: to find out and understand baby's position and exercise that increase the chances of baby's optimal for labour and birth


Postnatal midwife support


  • labour and birth debrief: to process and discuss labour and birth

  • breastfeeding/bottlefeeding/mixfeeding consultation: to get confident with baby's feeding

  • well-baby clinic: to check baby's growth and development

  • tongue tie diagnosis: to check and diagnose tongue tie and if needed to refer

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