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What is Sophrology?

What is Sophrology ?

"Sophrology is a discipline designed to train your mind to live a happier, healthier life."

Sophrology will teach you to place your mind in the areas that build you, that nourrish you, rather than having your mind think endlessly about things you can not change, worry for the future, or anticipate what might never occur.

You will learn easy to use and efficient tools to:

  • Detect and better enjoy the pleasant areas of your life

  • Be present to the moment

  • Overcome difficulties whether they are emotional or physical

Along this journey, you will be enpowered to take responsability for designing YOUR life, according to your strengths, ressources, values. You will re-experience the subtle joy of being yourself with your mind and body at peace.

Sophrology is about learning how to better use our mind, our body, our consciousness to reach a state where we are relaxed, active and empowered to reach our goals.

Simple and efficient techniques such a relaxation, breathing, gentle movements and guided meditation will teach you how to better connect to yourself and live a more serene and meaningful life.

Sophrology originated in Spain, in the 1960’s by Professor Caycedo, a doctor specializing in psychiatry and neurology.

It is a combination of:

  • Oriental traditions: Yoga, Zen and Buddhist meditation

  • Western techniques and philosophies: Psychology, Relaxation, Hypnosis

blended into a unique structured discipline designed for modern living to train your mind and body for a more conscious and enjoyable life.

Sophrology for Busy Lives and Stress Management:

Do you experience anxiety, chronic pain, lack of focus, sleep difficulties? Sophrology can help address many of physical and emotional symptoms caused by stress.

Through Sophrology, you will learn how to relax your body and mind, release tension. You will be guided to identify the strategies that work for you and strengthen your inner resources. As you are probably under time pressure, you will also discover quick techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime to feel more calm yet more energised.

Sophrology for Sleep Disorders:

You can’t find sleep even after a long day? Wake up several times in a night? Get up feeling restless? Sophrology can help you to:

  • Break the vicious cycle: “the less I sleep, the more stressed I am, the less I sleep”. You will learn how to reduce stress and hypervigilance (physical and emotional) in day time so that you end your day in a calmer, more positive state of mind, and step away from exhaustion

  • Prepare for a better night by teaching you useful techniques to fall asleep

  • (Re)build a positive relationship to sleep and a positive mental conditioning to favour a quality rest time

Sophology for Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a very special time of life. You and your baby deserve positive pregnancy! Sophrology will help you to:

  • Live a more a relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy by teaching you how to relax your body, cope with pregnancy related discomforts, start bonding with your baby, welcome positively your changing body

  • Deal with stress and conflicting demands. Of course, those stress management techniques will also be very useful with a newborn and in all other aspects of your life

  • Prepare for delivery and all its eventualities so that during labour you feel both confident and in control. You will be able to use effective positive visualisation, relaxation, breathing and pain management techniques that we will have practised together and why not taught to your partner too so he can better support you the big day.

Sophrology for kids/teens:

Does your child has difficulty to pass exams? Is he lacking of confidence and worrying too much? Is he not sleeping well?

Sophrology can help him enjoy inner calm, release tensions in a respectful way, see future in a positively, become aware of his resources. And more importantly discover how he can take responsibility for him/herself in a positive way.


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