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Pregnancy and Beyond

How with a little help and understanding we can stay fit and healthy throughout the physical changes of pregnancy and childbirth.


FRIDAY 29 JAN, 9.30-11am


We will talk about the physiological changes and the common issues encountered during the various stages of pregnancy, and how osteopathy and physical exercise can help women to stay comfortable and regain the strength and stability they had before their pregnancy.

SOFIE JACOBS, Registered Midwife (Be)

Sofie is a registered midwife (BE) and certified pilates teacher and brings to the Round Clinic nearly 20 years of experience gained across her native Belgium, the U.K. and Hong Kong. She studied Midwifery at the KHL in Belgium, Anthropology and African Studies at SOAS in London, pre and postnatal exercise prescription with Jenny Burrell in London, the Polestar Pilates method in Hong Kong and since gaining her degree in 1995 she has continued her professional development with regular courses.

Sofie strongly believes in the importance of a mind and body connection and in her practise places as much focus on emotional and physical PREhab and REhab.

Her knowledge combined with her caring and unbiased guidance, instills confidence in even the most anxious clients.

JULIA SANTOS, Osteopath (UK)

After graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in London, Julia studied further and became accredited as a naturopath in Germany. Since then she has been working in multidisciplinary practices whilst continuing her professional development, taking post-graduate courses in cranial, visceral and integrated osteopathy, as well as working as an interpreter for the Sutherland Cranial College (UK).

To further her understanding of pregnancy, post-partum related conditions and infant health she interned at a midwife practice and then continued to work there as consulting osteopath for several years. Working with women and babies has been a special interest of Julia, and her experience has become even richer since she recently had her first baby here in Hong Kong.


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