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Whenever a woman sits down in my consulting room and tells me that she’s here because there’s nowhere else to turn, I know what she’s going to say next. She’s tried everything that there is out there, spent a fortune on IVF, and knows that she should really give up, but somehow just can’t.

There is something deeply heart-breaking about the pain of not being able to conceive, and my heart goes out to all women who experience this problem. So I am always so glad that for those women who find a way to my door I can offer a glimmer of hope. Because - despite all the pain, disappointment, grief and anxiety that has gone before - I am able to offer a deeply effective medicine that can, and usually does, restore their fertility.

I’ll be honest here and say that this is one of the most wonderful perks of my job. We homeopaths really aren’t known as great fertility restorers and, in fact we are much maligned by the scientific community because we can’t prove how our remedies work. There is, understandably, much brouhaha about the ‘lack of evidence and proof’. But you know what? There is no better proof for me than a happily pregnant mama!

However, to address this issue briefly, I will say only that homeopathy is Quantum Physics in that it is essentially electromagnetic and dynamic in its action. Women are always amazed that with a few tiny pills or drops we can affect a deep and lasting shift in their health so that their hormones rebalance and start to behave as they should and their natural cycles are restored.

It works by deriving energy from substances which can then have direct impact on the energy of the sufferer, yet carries no risk of side effects of toxic damage.

Our remedies come from minerals, plants, animals, and human hormones. With careful investigation, we select specific remedies that are proven to be effective in treating fertility problems and that are individuated for each person and her particular health issue. Individuation is an essential part of homeopathic prescribing, so great care is taken with taking each case and treating each person.

In every case, I always ask the patient to just forget about trying to get pregnant for 6 months, to give me a chance to re-balance their hormones, re-establish a natural cycle and optimise their nutrition, which is a crucial element to fertility.

Then the treatment commences, and the patient begins to relax, partly because there is no pressure to try to conceive, and partly because of that glimmer of hope that I mentioned earlier. Often this gives enormous relief to her and her partner after so many months of repeated failure and the tension that this brings. There is nothing for them to do except focus on their health and enjoy a break from the pressure and worry. Only when we can see real results in terms of hormone levels, regular ovulation and steady cycles will I consider giving a green light.

The funny thing is, they often beat me to it and surprise me with an announcement before we reach that point!

Let me give you an example: a lady came to see me who had been trying for a baby for 2-3 years with no success. Tests had all proved negative, and she was at a loss as to why she couldn’t conceive.

However, her cycle was totally erratic, and there was no evidence of ovulation, so somewhere the tests weren’t giving a clear picture. I took her case and prescribed a remedy called Folliculinum, particularly effective in re-establishing menstrual cycles. I also asked her to start charting her basal temperature every morning on waking, start following a specific diet and take a synergistic blend of supplements. Her chart the first month was totally erractic, but we stuck with it, and she was delighted to observe huge improvements over the next three months of treatment.

By the 4th month, her cycle was really beginning to look normal and healthy, and my patient was feeling so much better on many other levels. I gave her intercurrent remedies as necessary, depending on what came up at each consultation (sometimes grief, sometimes anxiety, sometimes symptoms that indicated shifts in her hormones as they regained their balance).

We never got to the sixth month… she called to say she was pregnant a month later.

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