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Homeopathic Case-study: Eczema in Infants

In the past 6 years of practicing homeopathic medicine I have seen in total 46 eczema cases.

Homeopathy has been able to successfully treat and cure 39 of the 46 eczema cases that I have seen. That is an 85% percent success rate.

Here is one case of an infant who developed eczema at the age of eight months:

On June 19th, 2015 a mother brought in her 18 month old baby with eczema across her entire back and arms. She had developed eczema at the age of eight months, and her mother consulted many dermatologists and tried many steroid creams. The skin would improve for one or two days, but would then become red and itchy again with no permanent resolution...

The mother started to read about the harmful side effects of long term use of hydrocortisone, so she ceased treatment. Shortly after she stopped applying the steroid creams the skin flared up and became extremely red, dry and itchy. The baby was crying all the time and would scratch himself all night to the point of bleeding. Most mornings the mother would wake up to a crib full of blood. She was desperate to find a solution.

A friend of hers told her to try homeopathic medicine. "What do you have to lose?" was her advice, "it's natural, safe for infants and has no side effects."

The mother made an appointment with me and I sat for over an hour taking extensive notes about the family history, pregnancy history, observing the child’s skin, behaviour, etc.

My prescription was Sulphur 200c, two doses per day for three days. On the morning of the fourth day the mother woke up to see her baby with no more eczema, it just disappeared. Until this day the child has not had any relapses of eczema. She is a healthy happy child with perfectly normal skin.

It is important to understand that this specific remedy may not clear eczema of every child, as Homeopathic medicine is very individual. Every case needs to be treated with the remedy that is particular to that child. Only eleven of the thirty-nine eczema cases needed Sulphur, the rest of the children required different remedies. For chronic cases such as these it is important to consult with a classically trained homeopath to better ensure the right remedy is prescribed.

Homeopathic medicine is the kindest and most gentle medicine for infants and children with eczema as it does not cause any long term side effects and rapidly reduces the discomfort, irritation and inflammation that comes with this condition.

Michelle Ricaille can be reached at The Round Clinic at

2648 2612 and is offering free 15 minute consultations for anyone who would like to know more about this method of treating eczema and any other intractable condition that you or your child may be suffering with at.

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