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Physiotherapy Women's Health

At The Round Clinic, our team of experts can provide assessment and treatment in the management of conditions unique to women. Eléonore Boonen, our newest Women’s Health Physiotherapist, has a modern and up-to-date view of Women’s Rehabilitation. Therefore her approach is comprehensive and each session is professionally tailored to her patient's needs, supporting them on their journey to achieve individual goals.​​

Women's Health Services we offer:

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the pelvic floor at all stages of your life as a woman whether it is immediately post-natal, after a few years, at menopause, or in case of sports women, it is never too late to re-educate or train your pelvic floor. 
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Pre-natal physiotherapy

Release pregnancy-related tensions, adapted pre-natal fitness program, awareness of the anatomy of the pelvis, perineum, pelvic floor, and abdominal muscles, breathing exercises, contraction management and learning specific movements for labour of childbirth, learning how to push during childbirth, teaching the couple relief positions during childbirth, learning breastfeeding postures, lymphatic drainage massage. It also aims to relieve:

  • Sciatica

  • Low back pain

  • Water retention, heavy legs

  • Migraines, neck pain

  • Respiratory discomfort, diaphragm pain

  • Ligament pain in the pelvic or pubic area

Post-natal physiotherapy

Strengthening of the abdominal muscles through non-pressure generating exercises, strengthening of the           

transverse abdominal muscle to recover a functional and competent abdominal strap, strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, belly massage that helps the uterus to rise, revascularize and reclaim the void left by the baby, treatment of pain: back pain, episiotomy scars, tears, C-section.

Eléonore Boonen, Women's Health Physiotherapist


  • Physiotherapist PT, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Be/Fr), M.H.K.P.A.

  • Clinical Massage Therapist 

  • Clinical Pilates Level II (CPI)

  • Pelvic-Perineal Rehabilitation PT (EIRP Fr)

Eléonore is a member of The HK Physiotherapy Association (H.K.P.A.). Eléonore was born in Paris but lived in Brussels since childhood. She studied Physiotherapy at UCLouvain in Belgium and with Erasmus was selected for a 5 months program overseas in Dublin.


Always being passionate about the women's health, she followed several training courses in Paris and London varying from Pelvic Floor Rehab, Manual Therapy of Pelvic Floor Fascia, Pre- Post-Natal Physio to Clinical Pilates and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.​ She is fluent in English and French.

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