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在 The Round Clinic,我們的物理治療方法將肌肉骨骼評估和診斷與動手手法治療和專業練習相結合。我們的實踐方法和一對一課程使我們能夠提供有效和長期的結果。








  • 治療受傷、疼痛或僵硬


  • 手術前後 治療身體

      功能障礙的保守方法通常是醫療專業人員的第一個建議。在物理治療師的指導下,您可以在需要手術干預之前控制症狀並恢復          健康功能。 如果需要手術,Will 在手術準備和康復方面受過良好的訓練,以達到最快的康復時間。

  • 運動理療

      利用他在物理治療、個人訓練和國際水平橄欖球方面的背景。威爾有能力幫助運動個體進步到一個新的水平或擺脫長期的煩              惱。 






肌肉、肌腱和關節僵硬都是正常功能的限制因素。動手深層組織技術和輔助活動有助於減輕僵硬引起的疼痛。 損傷治療和康復



  1. Will 設計的個人鍛煉計劃讓您有機會在家中繼續您的康復進程,以加快康復速度。

  2. 將演示並拍攝他所有規定的練習,供患者在家中觀看,以確保療效。

  • Pre and Post surgery

Conservative methods to treating physical dysfunctions are often the first recommendation from medical professionals. With the guidance of a physiotherapist, you can manage symptoms and restore healthy function before the need of surgical intervention.

If surgery is needed, Will is well trained in operative preparation and rehabilitation to attain the quickest recovery time.

  • Treating injury, pain or stiffness


By combining musculoskeletal assessment with hands-on therapy we target the source of your pain so that we can work on your current symptoms and the underlying cause.

ankle mob.jpeg
  • Sports physiotherapy


Utilizing his background in physiotherapy, personal training and international level rugby. Will is well equipped to help athletic individuals progress to the next level or get rid of chronic niggles.

  • Manual therapy

With a number of joint mobilization and manual therapy techniques, Will can help relieve nerve pressure, joint stiffness, improve the quality of joint movements and promote recovery.

  • Injury treatment and rehabilitation

  • Soft tissue treatment

Muscle, tendon and joint stiffness are all limiting factors to normal function. Hands-on deep tissue techniques and assisted mobilization help reduce stiffness induced pain.

  • Exercise therapy


Individual exercise programs give you the opportunity to continue your rehabilitation progress at home between sessions to speed up recovery.


Will demonstrates and films all his prescribed exercises for patients to watch along with at home to ensure efficacy.

Our Physiotherapist

William Feunteun

Physiotherapist B.Sc., Accr. WCPT (Eu)

William is a French Physiotherapist who is born and raised in Hong Kong.

He graduated in 2020 from Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest.

Will utilises conventional physio-therapeutic techniques centred around musculoskeletal therapy and an approach to therapeutic (corrective) exercises which aim to ensure progress continues throughout the rehabilitative process.


Other treatment modalities include:

  • Manual therapy

  • Pre/post operative therapy

  • Postural issues

  • Respiratory physiotherapy

  • Soft tissue (muscle, tendon fascia) 

  • Sports massage


William's primary aim is to facilitate individuals in feeling their best during active and working life, by finding the best ways to incorporate therapy with one's lifestyle. He is fluent in English and French.

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