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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the pelvic floor at all stages of your life as a woman whether it is immediately post-natal, after a few years, at menopause, or in case of sports women, it is never too late to re-educate or train your pelvic floor.

How can Pelvic Floor Rehab help you? 

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is important for both men and women, but it is especially crucial for women who have given birth or are experiencing menopause. Pregnancy and childbirth can cause significant trauma to the pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to pathologies listed below. Menopause and ageing can also cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken, leading to similar symptoms.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation can help prevent or alleviate these symptoms by strengthening and rehabilitating the pelvic floor muscles. It can also enhance sexual function, reduce pain during intercourse, and improve overall quality of life. In addition, pelvic floor rehabilitation can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, improve bowel function, and reduce the need for medication or surgery. 

What are the Common Pathologies? 

Sexual Pain, Urinary or Faecal incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Overactive Bladder, Constipation, Sexual Pain, Endometriosis Symptoms  

Pelvic Floor Treatment Services:

  • Using internal and external techniques to release pelvic floor pain or strengthen the pelvic floor

  • Biofeedback  with Neurotrac Myoplus Pro (+internal probe) to understand Kegel exercises 

  • Electric stimulation for Incontinence treatment

  • Pelvic Floor rehabilitation to recover a functional pelvic floor and restore co-contraction with the abdominal muscles  

Others :

  •  Manual therapy of the spine/pelvic for post natal pain-relieving 

  • Scar work : episiotomy scars, tears, C-section  


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