Théo Chapman - Osteopath M. Ost (UK), HKOA (HK)

Sports Osteopathy

Theo earned his Master of Osteopathy qualification from the European School of Osteopathy (UK).


He combines traditional osteopathic manual techniques with evidence-based rehab methods to ensure progress is made both on and off the treatment table. Theo is also a certified sport massage therapist and has Western Medical Acupuncture in his therapeutic tool kit. 


Theo has a particular interest in treating active individuals suffering from injuries that are preventing their pursuit of physical activities important to them. His experience dealing with multiple sports injuries and the psychological challenges that accompany them are what motivates him to help his patients progress out of pain.  


It is Theo's perspective that injuries, sports induced or otherwise, require an active approach (corrective exercise) in addition to manual therapy to achieve optimal results. Using one method in isolation leads to sub-optimal outcomes and potentially delayed return to the sports we love.