Physiotherapy Hong Kong  


William Feunteun

Our physiotherapist Will utilises his extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and exercise science to identify and treat, not only your symptoms but also the source/s of your pain/dysfunction.


At The Round Clinic, our approach to physiotherapy combines musculoskeletal assessment and diagnosis with hands-on manual therapy and specialised exercises. Our hands-on methods and 1-on-1 sessions provide us the ability to deliver effective and long-term results.



What we can do for you

“Physiotherapy to me, means facilitating and guiding my patients to a life free from pain and full of confidence to perform any daily or physical activity” - Will


The aim of physiotherapy is to help you move better and more importantly increase your quality of life. People who may need care from a physiotherapist include those who suffer from; Acute to chronic injuries, poor joint health and arthritis, neck/back pain, muscle tightness, postural alignment or sports specific limitations.


  • Treating injury, pain or stiffness

    • By combining musculoskeletal assessment with hands-on therapy we target the source of your pain so that we can work on your current symptoms and the underlying cause.


  • Pre and Post surgery

    • Conservative methods to treating physical dysfunctions are often the first recommendation from medical professionals. With the guidance of a physiotherapist, you can manage symptoms and restore healthy function before the need of surgical intervention.

    • If surgery is needed, Will is well trained in operative preparation and rehabilitation to attain the quickest recovery time.


  • Sports physiotherapy

    • Utilising his background in physiotherapy, personal training and international level rugby. Will is well equipped to help athletic individuals progress to the next level or get rid of chronic niggles.


Specialised methods

  • Manual therapy: With a number of joint mobilisation and manual therapy techniques, Will can help relieve nerve pressure, joint stiffness, improve the quality of joint movements and promote recovery.

  • Soft tissue treatment: Muscle, tendon and joint stiffness are all limiting factors to normal function. Hands-on deep tissue techniques and assisted mobilisation help reduce stiffness induced pain.

  • Injury treatment and rehabilitation

  • Exercise therapy:

    • Individual exercise programs designed by Will give you the opportunity to continue your rehabilitation progress at home between sessions to speed up recovery.

    • Will demonstrates and films all his prescribed exercises for patients to watch along with at home to ensure efficacy.