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Jennie is a Registered Osteopath from the UK having graduated from the British School of

Osteopathy in 2014.

She is trained and experienced in treating children and babies.  Jennie will do a general assessment, check for imbalances, muscle tension and correct range of motion.

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Osteopathy is an ideal therapy for babies. It is safe to use even in the first weeks of life, and also very beneficial at this time, as a newly born infant readily integrates the benefits of a treatment.

Our Osteopaths will most likely to be able to help with colic pain, torticollis, head asymmetry, reflux, latching issues and much more.

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In need of a stress relieving massage?

The clinic is excited to introduce Ruth Larkin - a certified Massage Therapist (Dip SRMT UK) from London who has recently joined our team.
She has learned top skills through her work with the English National Ballet.
Ruth has a straightforward, hands-on approach - giving your tired body a much needed relief from all the accumulated muscle tensions.


Have you ever looked closely at your child's alignment?

Do you notice an imbalance or asymmetry in their crawling, walk or run?

Why not take the start of school and sport activities to bring your children in for a detailed postural check and treatment.

Special package: 3 sessions by a registered Osteopath for HK$3,000

Weekly Highlight 

In need of a Massage?

Come meet our Massage Therapist - Ruth Larkin

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Postnatal recovery

  • Full body massage & Stress release 

What People Say

"My family and I have consulted with several practitioners from the Round Clinic (osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture) from Round Clinic and are extremely satisfied with their approach. Very positive results. I recommend'.

— Fabien

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