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Osteopathy for infants

Osteopathy is often used when treating newborn infants and young children, and offers subtle treatment using gentle, safe techniques to encourage the release of stresses throughout the body.

Postnatal Rehab Package

We are offering a starter kit helping mothers/mothers-to-be define goals and help reach them. Restore your body's strength, core and posture, through adapted and personalised exercises and stretching!

Treatment highlight

Our newest member in the team, Osteopath Giulia, explains more about Abdominal Massage. Massage therapy can have a positive effect on the physical, mental, and social well-being of people. 

Abdominal Massage in particular is a gentle, noninvasive treatment that had relaxing and healing effects. Massaging the abdomen may help to relax your stomach muscles. That, in turn, helps stimulate digestion and relieve constipation.

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"My family and I have consulted with several practitioners from the Round Clinic (osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture) from Round Clinic and are extremely satisfied with their approach. Very positive results. I recommend'.

— Fabien

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