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Tired expression? Try our new Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Treat yourself to a Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture session.

Roxanne's acu sessions will help with collagen regeneration, increasing blood flow to face and neck - resulting in a more youthful looking skin.

Baby Massage Workshops

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Want to improve your baby's development, general health and sleep? In our four-part class, you will learn different techniques to improve your infant's wellbeing. Plus, it's fun!

Meet our New Practitioner

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Our new Sports Osteopath - Théo Chapman - is specializing in Sports related injuries and active people. His sessions will help with any joiont and muscle pain, reduce recovery time and maximize your performance.

Postnatal Rehab Package

We are offering a starter kit helping mothers/mothers-to-be define goals and help reach them. Restore your body's strength, core and posture, through adapted and personalised exercises and stretching!

Treatment highlight

Our newest member in the team, Sports Osteopath Theo, working on lower back pain, a prevalent issue in many people in Hong Kong due to long hours sitting at a desk. 

"My family and I have consulted with several practitioners from the Round Clinic (osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture) from Round Clinic and are extremely satisfied with their approach. Very positive results. I recommend'.

— Fabien

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