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One Island South, 12/F, 1227-28, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang

Healthcare Centre Hong Kong

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Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6.30 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm


A Balanced Approach to Health

Homeopathic medicine is a complementary medical system that works alongside the treatment you receive from your regular health provider or on it's own.  It is essentially holistic, treating not only the symptoms and ailments of a person, but their whole health on every level.  This makes it a highly individualised health care system that boosts your vitality, immunity and overall wellbeing.
Homeopathy can be used for treating the whole family.

Specialised in various Homeopathy Treatments

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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Nausea, exhaustion, irregular contractions, constipation, Post-birth recovery, emotional distress, …

child sneezing.jpg

Allergies and food intolerances; gastric problems, behavioral challenges, concentration and learning difficulties, …

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Colic, acid reflux, sleep problems, rashes, feeding issues, constipation, teething pains, coughs and colds, ...

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Our Specialist
Headshot Lisa Griffiths.jpg

Lisa Griffiths

Lisa is a classically trained homeopath from the UK with experience in treating a wide and varied range of ailments and conditions. Since moving to Asia, Lisa has embraced opportunities to explore new places and healing paradigms. Having treated mothers, babies and children for many years, Lisa is helping Hong Kong people with every aspect of their family health, especially in the field of living with the challenges of HK, with a focus on improving sleep conditions and stress coping mechanisms.


"Prevention is key! Don't wait until you get ill to act. Go to meet this amazing team of experts in areas like Ostheopathy, Kynesiology, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Food Allergy testing, etc. They have changed my life in a way I can't express enough with words. THANK YOU ALL! Needless to say I highly recommend the Round Clinic"

- Thierry

"Amazing practitioners who always efficiently and quickly fix the different health issues of all the members of the family in a nice and friendly atmosphere. I definitely recommend The Round Clinic!" 


One Island South, 12/F, 1227-28,
2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang
Mon / Fri: 9am - 6.30pm
Sat: 9am - 1pm

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