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Post Natal Massage Hong Kong

Post Natal Rehab Hong Kong

A woman's body changes tremendously during pregnancy as well as after having a baby, it loses its muscle tone and feels almost unfamiliar. Many women are unhappy with their bodies after childbirth and complain of back pain, poor posture, digestive issues and a lack of energy. The Round Clinic is offering a starter kit that will help mothers/mothers-to-be to define their goals and help to reach them.

Our therapist is able to restore the body's strength, core and posture, through adapted and personalised exercises and stretching. She advise is "Giving your body and mind a better balance in your everyday woman-mother life makes you stronger and more able to face new challenges ahead."

Our Post Natal Massage Therapist

Ruth Larkin's headshot_edited.jpg
Ruth Larkin - Certified Massage Therapist (Dip SRMT UK), Pilates Level 3 / Pre-Post Natal


Ruth initially trained as a dancer at one of the UK’s top ballet schools. In 2006 she attended the North London School of Sports Massage graduating with a Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. 

This was a great foundation to her bodywork and therapy training which includes qualifications in Manual therapy,  dry needling, Classical Pilates, pre & postnatal work, baby massage workshops. She has also worked extensively with The English National Ballet and other internationally renowned dancers and performers as well as many other professionals in her native London. 
With all this knowledge, Ruth is a very experienced therapist who is happy dealing with anything from every-day aches and pains to sports injuries or general stress.

‘Having experimented with a number of massage therapists in the past, I was very pleased to find Ruth. She has an excellent knowledge of the body and has successfully dealt with the various niggles I present. She gives effective, practical advice, is professional and highly skilled. I refer all my friends to her and she has converted every one.’ – CB

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