In this four-part class, you will learn different techniques to improve your infant's wellbeing. Plus, it's fun!

Baby Massage Workshops Hong Kong

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Want to improve your baby's development, general health and sleep?

Join now and learn to:

  • Bond with your child through touch and eye contact, as well by talking to your baby.

  • Alleviate stomach or gas pressure, muscles aches and pain.


  • Enhance weight gain, growth and sleep, as well as stimulating brain development.


Schedule & itinerary: 4 weekly sessions of 1 hour.


  • Session 1:Tummy

  • Session 2: Arms and legs

  • Session 3: Chest and Face

  • Session 4: Back

Capacity: A maximum of 4 babies and one parent per class is recommended, to have optimal focus and time with the coach.

Age group: Your baby can start with massage therapy from birth, we recommend the best age being between 0-8 months.

What to bring & what you'll receive: A familiar blanket/towel/muslin cloth needs to be brought be the parent. Our team will provide a nourishing oil for each baby to use and that you can take home. During each session there will be towels, mats and refreshments offered. We also have a baby changing corner and rooms for nursing. 

When: Our baby massage workshops are ongoing every Wednesdays and Saturdays. We offer both group and private sessions.


Ashlee Schroth - Certified Infant Masseuse 

Ashlee Schroth is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage and has been teaching infant bonding and massage to new parents around Hong Kong.