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Prevent further Back Pain

Once you have managed the acute phase of back pain and have settled your pain levels, it is time to think about preventing another episode.

Like any part of your body your back also needs training to improve its strength, stability and mobility.

If you think of the back as lots of little joints each doing a percentage of the work, when one joint does not pull its weight, then the joints above and below pick up the slack.

Maintaining good mobility throughout your spine can prevent lower back pain.

Exercises like thread-throughs help maintain the mobility of your upper back and an exercise like a hip twist can maintain lumbar spine mobility.

You should aim to strengthen your low threshold core, the muscles that stabilise your back during movement. These muscles make sure that your joints remain stable while the bigger muscles in your core work to create big movements and power.

Exercise classes such as Pilates or Yoga can be very beneficial for these stabilising muscles. Make sure that you learn how to activate your low threshold core and keep lumbar neutral with your instructor so you can get the most out of your exercises.

Posture can play a fundamental role in lower back pain.

Poor sitting, driving and lifting postures over prolonged periods generally cause shortening of anterior structures and lengthening of posterior ones with uneven pressure through the bodies of your vertebrae.

Maintaining a correct upright posture can help keep your front and back muscle length symmetrical and keep the pressure through your joints equal.

Adding a lumbar support to your desk chair or car seat can help you keep a good posture.

Alongside this make, sure your screen is at eye level so you do not have to look down or up and ensure that you keep your shoulders pulled back while you type to ensure you do not round your upper back when sitting.

Like any other element of your wellbeing, the best thing you can do is to keep active, move as much as possible and make sure you look after your body.

The Round Clinic at One Island South offers both osteopathic assessments and postural / ergonomic assessments. We work in conjunction with Flex to refer our patients for Pilates and Yoga classes where needed.

If you are interested in either of these services, please contact us on 2648 2612 or email for more details.

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