Get Up and Move Your Way to Better Health

Photo Credit: Unsplash under License The negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle have been well documented – with the risk of cardiovascular problems doubling when you do not exercise. Obesity, diabetes 2, colon cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, lipid disorders, backaches, anxiety, and even depression can also result from a sedentary lifestyle. Gettingyourself to move about more can have long-lasting, positive effects on your well-being. Here are some thoughts about how to get up and move your way to better health. Exercise Establish a regular form of cardio-vascular exercise. That means doing something energetic that increases your heart rate and works up a sweat. Of course, spo

Do you have a "Text Neck"...? Beware!

Don't believe you look like a turtle? Have a look at your profile...... Have you been travelling on the MTR or in a taxi without even noticing that you arrived at your destination? Bumping into people you didn't see coming? Almost fell down because of a step you missed? A common reason for all that might be happening is because your nose is stuck in your phone, scrolling for the latest Facebook update, last minute emails or reports to write... Hong Kong is known for its busy life and connected people. Census and statistic department of HK showed that in 2016, 96% of the population over 10 years old had a smartphone, 82% of teenagers (10-14Y) and 99% of adults (20-49Y). The "Text Neck" is a

Exam Stress?? How to beat the Exam/Cram Blues

Is this you? Or your child? As a homeopath, I always get a sudden flurry of students around this time of year suffering from extreme pressure as their end of year exams and coursework deadlines loom large. It’s not pleasant for anyone, but when you’re also suffering from the intense hormonal load that your teenage years bring as well, it can be a perfect storm. Every May I get the same cases appearing at the clinic, all desperately tired, anxious and worried (including their parents in many cases). Most students will be familiar with at least three of these symptoms: Increased feelings of anxiety, worry and panic A marked drop in your ability to stay focused or think clearly Inability to con

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