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Exam Stress?? How to beat the Exam/Cram Blues

Is this you? Or your child? As a homeopath, I always get a sudden flurry of students around this time of year suffering from extreme pressure as their end of year exams and coursework deadlines loom large. It’s not pleasant for anyone, but when you’re also suffering from the intense hormonal load that your teenage years bring as well, it can be a perfect storm. Every May I get the same cases appearing at the clinic, all desperately tired, anxious and worried (including their parents in many cases).

Most students will be familiar with at least three of these symptoms:

  • Increased feelings of anxiety, worry and panic

  • A marked drop in your ability to stay focused or think clearly

  • Inability to concentrate on the task in hand, distracted by the slightest thing

  • Symptoms such as nausea, sickness, & digestive complaints

  • Feelings of despair and hopelessness that you will never succeed

  • Deep and prolonged fatigue that doesn’t get better even after hours of sleep

  • Physical symptoms such as raised heart rate, increased perspiration, lack of appetite

Each person experiences stress and pressure in their own way, and processes their reactions differently, and this is why homeopathy works so well with this problem. Because each medicine is individually prescribed for each person, depending on their unique experience of these symptoms.

So with every student I see I take careful notes to identify their individual symptoms and concerns, and then prescribe a specific remedy to support them through this stressful time. These medicines are completely natural, causing no side effects or drowsiness, and help each person to regain their focus and concentration, let go of their fears, and start to feel increased energy again.

Of course, taking the best care of yourself is really important too. Eating well, getting enough rest, and taking a little exercise every day just to relieve the physical tension will do far more for you than relying on stimulants and junk food to keep you up all night cramming!

There are many remedies that relieve ‘examimitis’ (as I call it), but here are 3 examples that show why prescriptions differ from one student to the next.

  • Argentum Nitricum– those who need this remedy feel all their anxiety in their stomachs – butterflies, cramps, diarrhea, and even vomiting, literally trembling in fright. They do everything in a rush and crave sweet food all the time. This remedy also works really well for acute stage fright and fear of flying.

  • Gelsemium– characteristic symptoms that respond well to this remedy are paralyzing fear with a kind of wobbly weakness, intense tiredness, no energy and deep mental dullness. Everything feels heavy and the mind just goes blank whenever you try to concentrate.

  • Lycopodium– people who do well on this remedy have very low self-confidence and are convinced they will fail everything. Their stomachs betray their anxiety with pain and bloating (& lots of wind!), yet once they get into their exams or performances, they do so much better than they feared.

So if you or your child are suffering from ‘Examinitis’, book a consultation now. And if you want to know more before you book, I am offering a free 15 minute consult for further information.

Lisa Griffiths is a professional homeopath who works closely with Ines De Beer and their colleagues at The Round Clinic. She has nearly 20 years experience and works globally as well as in-house. She also suggests other treatments when appropriate.

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