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Q&A with a The Round Clinic Health Expert - Tips for Breastfeeding Success

In view of World Breastfeeding Day we thought it a perfect timing to answer a few commonly asked questions related to breastfeeding.

I have a low milk supply, how can I increase it?

Low milk supply is a very common challenge in breastfeeding.

Feed your baby often to stimulate milk production. Every 2-3 hours during daytime with every 4 hours during the night.

Make sure to take enough rest with frequent copious meals. Drink plenty of water.

Expressing some breast milk after feeds once breastfeeding is established will assist build up your supply. These pumps might help, Electric & Manual Breastfeeding Pumps Offer both breasts at each feed and alternate which breast you start with.

Consult your paediatrician, midwife or breastfeeding specialist to watch your baby feeding. They can offer guidance and support to help you properly position and latch your baby to the breast.

What is the optimal breastfeeding position?

It varies depending on what feels most comfortable for both you and your baby, but the cradle hold in sitting position is most often used.

Ensure that you sit in a comfortable, supportive chair with your back straight. Be aware of the position of your head, neck and shoulders, keeping your shoulders down and relaxed.

Using a breastfeeding pillow to bring your baby up to breast level - rather than hunching over to reach your baby - is most advised as the pillow will support your baby’s weight and ease your shoulder muscles. Ideas for good breastfeeding pillows can be found here.

What other breastfeeding positions are there?

Cross-cradle position : Similar to cradle hold, but baby is held in the opposite arm from the breast being used

Rugby/Football hold : Baby is facing backwards, nose close to the nipple, with their body tucked under the mother's arm.

Side-lying position : Mum lies on her side with the baby facing the breast. This is a very relaxed position and advised to use as much as possible, mostly at night.

What can be done for breast engorgement?

Breast engorgement can be painful and unpleasant. Try to cool down the breasts using iced breast pads or silver nipple cups.

Consult a specialist for specific breast massage if the engorgement is related to blocked milk ducts.

Wear optimally supportive nursing bras, such as Bravado Designs with breathable fabric and no underwire.

Consult your doctor in case of persistent fever and/or pain.

More questions? Contact one of our Wellness practitioners at The Round Clinic.

In collaboration with Baby Central Hong Kong.


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