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Home Schooling? 8 tips to Fight Bad Posture Habits!

With the latest news of school closure extending till April, children are obliged to study from home, all too often putting their bodies in the bad positions by slouching at the desk or lying with laptops in the sofa.

Sounds familiar? Our Physiotherapist Magali Salgado talks about how to improve your children’s posture and avoid muscle fatigue symptoms such as headaches, neck or back pains.

8 easy tips for the best posture using laptops and PC's:

1.Chair - Make them sit at a chair that provides good, solid back support, otherwise roll a towel and place it behind their low back/waist.

2. Legs - Their hips should be as far back in the chair as possible, with knees in equal height or slightly lower than hips. Adjust the height of chair (or desk) accordingly.

3. Arms - Adjust the chairs armrests, so their arms can rest gently on them without tensing the shoulders. Shoulders should be relaxed with elbows at a 90 degree angle and close to the waist.

4. Wrists - Ensure the wrists are maintained in a neutral position when typing or using the mouse. We advise to buy an inexpensive gel wrist support when using a separate mouse.

5. Screen - Ensure the screen is at eye height level. If the monitor is too low, take some books to rest the monitor the times your child will be typing less.

6. Set-up - Use a separate keyboard and mouse to improve their laptop setup.  Laptops are not designed for prolonged use because the screen and keyboard are too close together.  The best thing is too put your laptop on a stack of books and get a separate keyboard and mouse.

7. Mini breaks - It's important to take mental and physical breaks from study time. Give your child 5 minutes for every 45 minutes they are working. Ensure they get up and walk around at least every hour.

8. Exercises:

  • Chin Tuck: Slide  chin inward, without bending neck up or down. Don't jam the chin down to the chest

  • Shoulder Squeeze: Raise the arms in front of body, with elbows bent and thumbs up. Pull elbows back, squeezing shoulder blades together. Hold for a few seconds then release.

  • Stretch Up: Sit up straight and imagine a rope attached to the top of your head to the ceiling. Gradually stretch to be as tall as possible, hold for a few seconds, then relax.

  • Close your eyes for a minute, refocusing away from the monitor at something in the distance, or rolling your eyes all around

  • Take a few minutes to take a deep breath and relax, clear your mind

Make an appointment with Magali ONLINE or call The Round Clinic at 2648 2612 for more information.

Visual how to Arrange Your Workstation:

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