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How Osteopathy can help your teenager.

Teenagers undergo numerous physical and emotional challenges as their bodies make the transition from child to adult, whilst also being subjected to peer pressure, exam stress and intense sport schedules.

Posture is frequently poor during this phase of growth. The amount of time spent sitting or slouching, due to extensive electronic communications, homework and revision plus heavier school bags, markedly increases the stress and tension placed on the developing structure.

Sporadic growth spurts can produce areas of mechanical imbalance/asymmetries or even highlight and exaggerate old injuries from childhood. It is common for one leg to be longer than the other, at this stage, which has to be accommodated by the spine and pelvis until the rest of the body catches up.

If such difficulties are left unchecked they may lead to pain and heighten mood issues, but by assessing, treating and managing their musculo-skeletal function, Osteopaths, along with self-help methods such as practitioner prescribed corrective exercise can make a major contribution to ensuring that this inevitable process is a healthier one.

It is important to note that because of the huge internal turmoil synonymous with being a teenager, young adults are likely to be very reactive, both in life and on the treatment table, and therefore it is crucial that Osteopathic treatment is applied gently and sensitively.


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