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Finding the Silver Lining

As our beloved Hong Kong has experienced some turbulent past months, The Round Clinic would like to put emphasis on some positivity. Like the centuries-old English idiom says; ‘Finding the silver lining in adverse situations’.

With intense political demonstrations taking up a big part of 2019 and 2020 starting with a virus epidemic, our stress levels have been brought to a new level and have been thoroughly tested. Fear-based messages have been growing anxiety and tension and our team at The Round Clinic likes to offer you a chance to find solace in our shared humanity

Finding the silver lining may help your brain chemistry and in turn your mood. Give these thoughts a try and calm your mind:

  • Find joy in the little, simple things. Coffee with rich cream, beautiful sunsets, the comfort of a well-worn sweater. This mindfulness-based focus is a skill often overlooked in the day-to-day rush. 

  • Default your thinking to that of positivity. We are now sharing a common, global goal, which is rare. Try to assume that everyone you observe, speak with, or cross paths with is trying their best and considering the common good. 

  • Revisit the connections with loved ones. Although living an isolated life is a daunting shift that many people struggle with, it does provide the opportunity to have deeper and more sustained conversations, make more eye contact, increase touch, and ultimately create a shared experience. 

  • Enjoy the extra flexibility. Working from home, especially if you have children, can be challenging but also gives you more quality time together during breaks. Be sure to also carve out time to go for a walk, get out in the pleasant spring air, and take a moment to be alone during the work day. It is a treat. 

Identifying the silver lining in tough situations is a skill, but like with any skill, the development takes practice and time. Take a minute to process the above thoughts, you won’t regret it.


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