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The Back to School Blues

As another school year begins, your teen may be exhibiting a range of emotion: excitement, fear, worry... All very common.

If you have just moved to Hong Kong, and your child is starting up at a new school, the concerns may be explicit and expected. However, many children still experience stress starting a new grade at the same school they attended the year prior. Some signs are disrupted sleep or eating habits, changes in mood and activity level.

Pervasive thoughts may also distract and consume them:

Will I fit in?

Will my classes be too difficult?

Are my teachers going to be nice?

Can I balance academic demands with the extra-curricular?

Again, it is normal to have a range of concerns, but if these concerns are having a detrimental effect on your child’s functioning, it can be helpful to seek the support of a trained counsellor.

With proper communication, support, and preparation, it is possible to ease some of the adjustment pains while simultaneously strengthening their coping skills. An empathetic counsellor can assist in drawing out your child’s strengths, build their confidence, and develop plans around specific areas that may be particularly challenging.

Counsellor, Stephanie Young

B.Ed, M.Ed, M.SocSc (Counselling)

T. 2648 2612


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