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How to Improve your Immune System Naturally

In these challenging times we thought it might interest you to know 8 ways on how to improve your immune system naturally:

  1. Have plenty of sleep: Sleep deprivation can reduce the amount of antibodies your body produces.

  2. Eat nutritiously: Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables provides essential nutrients to support the functioning of your immune system.

  3. Exercise regularly: Physical activity helps to flush out bacteria in the lungs and airways.

  4. Increase Probiotics: Probiotics supports the digestive system, immune repair and immune defense.

  5. Increase Vitamin C / Zinc: Studies show that Vitamin C and Zinc reduces the occurrence and improves the outcome of those infected by viral diseases.

  6. Increase Vitamin D: Without Vitamin D the body is much more vulnerable to infections and increases autoimmunity. 

  7. Reduce Stress Levels: When we're stressed the immune systems ability to fight off antigens is reduced.

  8. Watch your Alcohol Intake: Large amounts of alcohol can limit the release of immune defenses.

The Round Clinic News

Regarding the new Corona Virus

The clinic remains open as usual to continue to help our patients with any physical ailment you may have. We are here to offer relief for acute and chronic aches and pains in addition of advice on how to strengthen your immune system. See info about 8 ways to ensure an improved immune system below. 

We have full confidence in the government tackling the epidemic, Hong Kong has a world-class public health system with excellent reliable care and reporting via the Centre of Health Protection.

To safeguard your health at the clinic the following precautions have been put in place:

  • Hand sanitizer is available in reception area and rooms

  • Scheduled additional disinfecting of premises

  • Continuous running of air-purifier and air-cleaning vaporizer

  • Wearing of face masks of all staff

We are ever available to answer any questions you may have: 

T 2648 2612

The Round Clinic Team


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