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Ease stress with Kinesiology

This week we will explore a well-known topic in the current environment: Stress. In this blog, Kinesiologist Benedicte Caudron explains how Kinesiology can contribute to easing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Do you sometimes feel like suffocating in a crowded place, wanting to run away from a dinner party, unable to speak or think properly in a business meeting?

Or more simply feeling your heartbeat accelerating, sweating and losing the sense of calmness when you want to express yourself?

Can you associate a trigger to some of the following reactions: restlessness, worries, increased irritability, concentration or sleep difficulties?

While stress and anxiety are natural and protective reactions in face of danger, an excessive exposure (patterns) and inability to process them can lead to stress or anxiety disorders. These negative emotions are stored in your body and mind causing discomfort, tension and, in some extreme cases, nervous breakdown or burn-outs.

Kinesiology will help identify these patterns that make you feel stuck, unwell or “on-the-edge”. Understanding these patterns is the first step to create change, allowing you to move forward.

Kinesiology will calm, re-balance and release these emotions, using muscle testing, acupressure points and energy balancing. This will allow you to feel more confident, focused and at peace with yourself.

Together we will work on shifting emotional blockages and releasing habitual patterns that no longer serve you. Depending on each individual, I may also provide breathing exercises, meditation tips or yoga postures to assist with your healing.

Kinesiology is a journey where we work together to create change. Therefore I usually recommend at least 3-4 sessions, a couple of weeks apart to drive and maintain the momentum of change. After that, I suggest to follow up with fine-tuning sessions that can be taken every 3 to 6 months.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic or better yet, book a treatment to experience how it works first hand.


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