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"LONG COVID - from a TCM perspective"

After being infected with Covid-19, many recovering patients come to find that their bodies feel weakened. Some people may feel constantly tired and more forgetful, while others may have shortness of breath, or have headaches and body aches.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these symptoms may be explained by the body’s Qi (energy) becoming depleted after fighting the infection. The energy from the lungs system and the kidneys systems are often weakened.

In TCM theory, aside from facilitating the body’s breathing process, the lungs energy is also responsible for the mind’s quick reactions to stimulus, while the kidney energy is also responsible for the mind’s memory. That’s why after a serious illness, many patients become weakened both physically and mentally.

We often classify long covid as Qi Deficiency Syndrome in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are herbs that TCM practitioners use to boost the Qi of long covid patients, such as Ginseng (Ren Sheng) and Astragalus (Huang Qi). There are also acupuncture and moxibustion treatments that can treat headaches and body aches caused by long covid.

If you are experiencing long covid symptoms, please consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to seek help with strengthening your body.


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