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Methods on how Kinesiology can help during pregnancy

Have any of the following thoughts cross your mind?

How do I prepare my body and mind for my child's birth and after?

  • How do I manage my fear of delivery and lack of sleep?

  • How do I recover from my previous negative/ stressful birthing experience?

  • How do I deal with my roller coaster emotions or pregnancy hormones?

  • I'm struggling to adjust to my new role as a mother. What can I do?

These are the type of questions we dive into and use Kinesiology as a tool to find solutions.

During and after pregnancy there are changes in your body in all 3 elements of your wellness.

1. Nutritional/Chemical – Hormones change, nutritional needs change and things in your environment may also need to change. We use muscle testing to understand where the source of these changes are coming from and balance the energy that may be stagnate or over stimulated.

2. Emotional/Mental – During pregnancy, undesired past experiences or thoughts may come up or sometimes we may need to prepare ourselves mentally for the uncertainty that lies ahead. Therefore clearing old / new stresses and traumas that are having a negative impact on you now will allow you and your baby to be less stressed for the birth and beyond.

3. Structural/Physical – Your body will change like no other time in your life during pregnancy and will quickly need to re-adjust again after giving birth. We stabilize the energy flow so the body can easily manage the drastic physical changes.

Kinesiology can gently support you in each of these elements and help you feel stronger and more empowered, both mentally and physically through your journey. When your body is in balanced, you (and your baby) will also be able to experience the best version of self.

There are many wonderful tools to assist with your pregnancy journey. Why not try Kinesiology? Book Now!


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