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Pippa Middleton Matthews and Kam Panesar talk Cranial Osteopathy for babies!

We found this great article about Cranial Osteopathy for infants, including a personal experience of Pippa Middleton. A good read about how it works and how it canhelp your baby.

Here is how Pippa’s Waitrose column reads:

“Soon after Arthur was born last year, I heard a few mums talking about seeing a cranial osteopath. It’s a popular alternative therapy for newborns, particularly those who’ve had a traumatic birth, are unsettled, or have trouble sleeping.

It claims to heal, relax and promote sleep, digestion and body alignment through gentle head and body manipulation. While there’s a lack of scientific evidence, after hearing positive things about it (and out of intrigue more than anything else), I took Arthur

when he was seven months old. I was fascinated to see how calming it was for him, but also how valuable the feedback was.

The osteopath noticed one side of his neck was tighter than the other, which explained why he favoured one side sleeping. She also saw that his arms were stronger than his legs, so she gave me an exercise to help him. This would eventually help with the process of shuffling his arms and legs along and then on to crawling. She then reminded me that it’s not only babies who need attention – it’s easy for mums to forget about their bodies too. It is an expense, but we also go through significant body changes in pregnancy and birth and putting some investment into the physical health of mother and baby, particularly in the first year, its well worth it."


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