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Spring Season Health Tips

Feb 1 of 2022 is the day of the start of the Spring season, a new beginning to the tiger year. In Chinese custom, people alter their lifestyle activities and diets according to the lunar calendar.

Renowned Tang Dynasty CMP Sun said, "In Spring, one should eat less sour foods, and aim to increase the Qi of the Spleen". CMP Novena explains, one may eat seasonal vegetables which ripen in Spring, as they are good for tuning the body's energy in response to the season, like spinach. Spinach is in season during Spring, its roots are red and leaves are green, it has "Xue" (blood) increasing properties."

As for healthy drinks, one may drink rose tea, chrysanthemum tea, and barley water. Rose tea helps to tone the energy of the liver, chrysanthemum tea helps to reduce heat and brighten eyes, barley water aids digestion and reduces dampness.

In Spring, there is an excess of humidity in the air and dampness in the hum an body. If there is too much dampness in the body, one may feel foggy-minded, heavy-limbed, and a loss of appetite. Hence, one should avoid eating heavy and dampness causing foods, such as fatty meats, glutinous rice, and avoid drinking beer.

Written by TCM Practitioner - Novena Xie

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