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Introduction to Kinesiology

Neuro-Energetic kinesiology is one of many various branches of kinesiology and is a non-invasive powerful healing technique that combines eastern energetic healing approach to health (this includes acupoints, meridian systems from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the chakra system) with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology sciences.

The Round Clinic's newest practitioner Aurélie Martin explains how it works.

How does kinesiology work?

The main tool used is muscle testing feedback. Small changes in muscle tone indicates the presence or absence of stress on your system. The practitioner can assess stress at different levels.

Your body has the ability to compensate when under stress. You can sometimes not feel any adverse effects of an imbalance but eventually this imbalance will have an impact on your health.

The aim of energetic kinesiology is to localise those stresses that create the imbalances in your body, to remove those blockages in order to achieve a better balanced state and to allow your body to naturally maintain optimal health.

What to expect in a kinesiology session?

During the first consultation, you will talk to the practitioner about your general health and issues or emotional concerns you might have and would like to tackle together. After a chat, you will be asked to lay fully clothed but shoes off on a treatment table. The gentle muscle monitoring technique will be used to access your body history and find stresses related to your issue.

Soft manual diagnostic techniques such as palpation, pressure on acupoints, meridian tracing and other tools might be used in order to locate and change noticeable imbalances. The practitioner will therefore lightly touch various acupoints on your body and head, depending on what shows up during the balance session.

During your 60 minutes session you may feel relaxed or sleepy, some will feel emotional or chatty – any of these reactions are fine, you are in a safe non-judgemental professional environment with your practitioner.

What kinesiology can help you with?

Energetic kinesiology is a combination of eastern energetic healing approach with the western anatomy and physiology sciences knowledge that allows the practitioner to monitor and balance the body in order to help maintain or reach optimal health.

It is for everyone - children and adult alike - and has proven results in symptoms such as:

- acute or chronic pains

- trauma

- anxiety & depression

- chronic fatigue and sleep difficulties

- hormonal imbalances & reproductive health

- migraine

- digestive issues

- allergies and sensitivities, eczema

- difficulty in handling daily or specific stresses

Kinesiology is a very good complementary approach when you are dealing with major or sensitive changes in life and just need a boost to have your body in harmony with your mind and make things happen in the right way for you.


$600 for 1hour consultation

The Round Clinic

T 2648 2612

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