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Stress Management

We are living in extraordinary and worrying times, and our families are experiencing and witnessing many upsetting and disturbing events for the first time in their lives. All of us are feeling the strain, one way or another, as Hong Kong rocks on its axis. How are you and your family coping? What can you do against stress?

Our team at The Round Clinic specializes in treating symptoms that prolonged stress and trauma can create, using therapeutic techniques and natural medicines that are all proven to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and worry. Some advice from our specialists below:

Counselling is an ideal way to lessen the mental and emotional strain known as stress. Our feelings, responses, and behaviors occur due to the way we think about a particular situation, and we can get stuck in a negative thinking pattern. Right now we are all experiencing a different relationship with Hong Kong's current political climate. Some of us are submerged in the stress of it, others more distanced, but very few can say it is not affecting them at all. You may also find that the situation has triggered other concerns that are impacting day to day life. Counselling therapy can provide perspective and tools to settle your mind.

- According to our Counselor Stephanie Young

Acupuncture works deeply and effectively on the body to release pain, anger and stress with incredible speed. It does this by curing the central nervous system to alter the way we biologically process the stress that builds up. By activating the natural opioids it initiates a change in brain chemistry that enables rapid relief from tension, pain and anxiety.

- According to our Acupuncturist Galit Cohen

Kinesiology is an effective holistic approach to help you balance your energies.

Whether I use muscle testing response, Reiki or powerful emotional release techniques, you stay in charge of yourself and connect with your deeper self, locating blockages and releasing the tensions to achieve the alignment and balance you may have lost. It is especially helpful for children as it is the most gentle & non-invasive therapeutic treatment. Don’t let your or anyone else’s fears take control over you!

- According to our Kinesiologist Aurelie Martin

Using only natural substances, homeopathic medicine brings rapid relief to all the symptoms arising from a state of fear, worry and anxiety no matter what the age or how deep the feelings or symptoms are. Sometimes a child experiencing anxiety and frequent nightmares just needs a few doses of the right remedy to release the fears that are underlying the problem. Homeopathic medicine is simple to take, safe for all ages, and does not interfere with other medications.

- According to our Homeopath Lisa Griffiths

Not sure yet if you are experiencing underlying stress and how it can affect you and your family? The list of following symptoms may sound familiar:

  • anxiety about what will happen to you or your children, our homes & communities.

  • worrying about being able to travel safely on public transport

  • insomnia or disturbed sleep with anxious thoughts or nightmares

  • tense, tight stomachs, abdominal pain or cramps, loss of appetite or comfort eating

  • fear of being trapped in the areas of riot and unrest, or injured by the consequences

  • frustration & tension at not being able to get to your destinations or getting stuck somewhere

  • ...

Stress-reducing tips to apply at home:

  • increase your yoga/relaxation or meditation sessions. Anything to assist your body to relax and de-stress

  • increase intake of the “BCD” vitamins and probiotics to improve immune system

  • nightly Magnesium helps with sleep and muscle relaxation

  • enjoy outdoor activities (if air not too polluted)

Do not hesitate to contact us for professional advice and possible next steps in reducing your stress level!


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