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How To Prevent Sport Injuries In Children? Top 5 tips.

Is your child highly active in sports activities? Keeping your child active is incredibly important for their health and well being. Nonetheless, children are still susceptible to developing sports injuries if one is not careful.

More than half of sports injuries in children are preventable. Injuries tend to be more common during periods of rapid bone growth, especially if underlying bio-mechanical problems are present. Injuries may be caused by training errors, improper technique, excessive training, inadequate rest and muscle weakness/ imbalances.

Here are some useful tips to prevent your child from developing sports injuries:

Tip #1

Limit one sporting activity to a maximum of 4 days per week with at least one day off from any organised physical activity.

Tip #2

Take at least 2 months off from the primary sport a year.

Tip #3

Progress training (intensity, volume, time, distance) no more than 10% each week.

Tip #4

Do not ignore pain or try to play through it. Pain is the first indicator of an overuse problem. See your osteopath before it becomes a bigger, more frustrating issue.

Tip #5


Young athletes who participate in more than one sport have fewer injuries and play sports longer than those who specialise before puberty.

Written by Sports Osteopath - Theo Chapman

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