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Make your own Anti-Viral Handcream in 5 simple steps

Doing our bit to show you how to cope with being out and about if you can't buy any hand sanitiser. Our Homeopath Lisa Griffiths explains how to create a simple and effective, totally natural Anti-Viral Protective Hand Cream at home.

5 steps the create your own Anti-Viral hand protector:

  1. Take a small tin of hand cream or emollient (20-75ml) and remove lid

  2. Make several dips in the cream and add 8-10 drops of Tea Tree essential oil

  3. Blend well, tamp down and replace lid

  4. Take a fingertip dab and rub well into hands to create a layer of anti-viral & antibacterial protection when you are away from home and can’t wash your hands.

  5. Use after washing your hands, as it will also nourish your hands and prevent dryness & chapping

Safe for everyone except infants under 12 months old and cats. Stay safe, stay well.

Want to learn more about this topic? Don't hesitate to contact us via:

>> T +852 2648 2612

Lisa is a classically trained homeopath from the UK with experience in treating a wide and varied range of ailments and conditions.

In addition to seeing patients, she holds regular talks and workshops at the clinic or elsewhere to teach people how to utilise homeopathy in their family and home environment so that they can learn to use this gentle natural medicine with confidence and ease and improve their quality of life.


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