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Osteopathy for women of all ages.

Women’s health

The female body is unique and requires a specialised response and women have diverse health needs, not only due to their anatomy but also the lifestyle factors that are unique to women. Below we have outlined some of the common health issues women experience and how osteopathy can help manage these issues.

Hormone assistance management

One of the main things that sets women apart from men anatomically is the reproductive system. Women, during their childbearing years, will experience repeated menstrual symptoms which can include lower back pain, hip pain and discomfort, bloating, abdominal cramping, leg pain, headaches and breast tenderness. Musculoskeletal pain can occur during the cycle due to attachment of ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus to the bony structures of the pelvis. With this in mind, any hormonal changes that affect the reproductive system will also impact on the musculoskeletal attachments. Osteopathy can assist women with these symptoms by easing tension, promoting circulation and maintaining good range of movement.

Women’s Health and Osteopathy

A regular visit to an osteopath can keep your body aligned and in balance, which means that, no matter the challenges you encounter each day, you can make sure it’s the best possible version of yourself that faces them. A ‘you’ with balanced hormones, freedom of movement and without stress.

In addition to ongoing care for your body, an osteopath is a great support if you are thinking about starting a family. Some studies have shown that stress is part of an unwelcome cycle when it comes to conception. It can cause issues in conceiving, which then increases stress. Removing the physical tension from your body and leaving you free from stress can facilitate fertility.

During pregnancy itself, osteopathy can help you deal with the demands being placed on your ever-changing body. As your unborn child develops, so your body and hormones adjust. Your centre of gravity shifts, and the rest of your body has to adapt the way it moves in order to accommodate such a huge change. The treatment, stretches and exercise that your osteopath can show you will help your body to stay balanced and in control.

Osteopathy can assist women with these symptoms by easing tension, promoting circulation and maintaining good range of movement.

Written by Osteopath Giulia

Giulia Curro

Giulia graduated from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Since then she has had the pleasure of working alongside other Osteopaths, as well as Naturopaths, Dietitians, and Dentists. She specializes in female health, children, infants and dental/occlusion problems. Giulia is registered with the General Osteopathic Council, the Institute of Osteopathy, the British Naturopathy Association and the HK Osteopathic Association.


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