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The benefits of baby massage explained

Parents across the globe have been massaging their babies for centuries. Whether the practice was passed down from one generation to the next or taught by an educator, the evidence is there and the benefits are profound. Ashlee, Certified Educator of Infant Massage at The Round Clinic, explains why infant massage is an amazing experience for you and your child and gives tips on infant massage.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

Baby massage has benefits beyond the scope of massage itself. Bonding with your child starts from birth and can be further enhanced with gentle touch through massage.

During the moments of massage the bonding occurs through the respect of touch, eye contact, as well as talking to your baby. The strokes of massage also have physical benefits that will help alleviate stomach and gas pressure, muscles aches and discomfort.

The techniques of massage also enhances weight gain, growth, sleep as well as brain development.

Tips for successful infant massage

Before massage begins:

Consider the environment before beginning the massage journey. Visualize the scene of bonding and connection with your baby as well as with yourself.

Before the massage begins its best to check in with your baby by asking permission to start the massage as this will encourage respect for their bodies.

Take a moment to take a deep breath. Commend yourself granting this time and space to connect with your personal being. Be as present as you can be.

Important factors:

The environment should be inviting with low lights, a quiet calm area, perhaps relaxing music playing in the background-keep stimulation at a minimum.

The time of day to practice the learned techniques should be part of the daily routine such as after bath time once your baby is warm, calm, and happy.

There will be moments that your baby is not ready to receive a massage-listen to the cues, follow the vibe of your baby and come back to massage another time.

The recommended oil to use for the massage techniques is a vegetable based oil such as grape seed as this will organically be absorbed through the baby's skin for natural nourishment.

The early stages of the life of a baby and parent will have its various challenges. I believe that infant massage can help to guide you through these ebbs and flows of infancy. Gift yourself and your baby this time to bond and connect. Please contact The Round Clinic for further information on available workshops.

Written by Ashlee Schroth - Certified Educator of Infant Massage (IMUSA)


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